WTS: Pebble Time Steel Gunmetal Stainless Steel Watch Band (Original) Brand New


I just received a brand new watch band (as a replacement) and am looking to sell it as I'm currently wearing my Pebble with a leather strap (and sometimes the Truffol or Hammer straps). It's brand new, please PM me if you're interested. Pebble store is selling it at 49.99USD, I'm looking to sell at just 35USD excluding shipping (which may work out to be more expensive since Pebble's shipping is free, but let's see :)). Thanks! I'm based in Singapore (in case it helps with the shipping, buying process).

This is the strap I'm referring to: https://www.pebble.com/buy-time_steel_metal_watchband


Which colour is it I m interested in a black one


Hi, im loking for silver color. Which color do you have?