Why does my PTS have to do firmware update EVERY TIME I REBOOT IT?


What will happen when the Pebble server shut down? No firmware update?? And watch won’t do ANYTHING without the firmware update after rebooting!!


Your watch must have an issue but the latest app has all the firmware built in now so after the servers are shut down you will still be able to load the current firmware to your watch if you reset it.


It happened to me. It stopped only after I did a factory reset on watch.

For that, if I don’t remember well, I had to delete the bluetooth link between phone (iphone in my case) to avoid linking it again with the bug. So when the watch wake up it ask to link it. Here is my other doubt: I don’t remember how I did the factory reset from here. Please look for this info in the community forum, I’m pretty sure it can be done.

After this, restart as normal once again: reboot the watch, link it to the phone, accept the firmware update, and done! (If I don’t remember wrong, all the configuration will be kept in the phone so it will be easy to reapply it again to the watch).

I hope this helps. I’m sorry about the steps I don’t remember well. If you can, and it finally works for you, please fill the gaps here for the next despered pebble user.