Watch buttons not working


I soldered a small wire between the button and the ground and the buttons are fixed ! Thank you so much.


So… let me tell you my story of fixing this.
Short story: Soldering the wire works for me too.

Long story:
When you first take the watch apart you have to use a significant amount of force,
to pull out the black plastic frame from the steel frame.
Then you realize how small those tiny little contacts are. On the photos attached here
they seem like they are big, but they aren’t :slight_smile:
So I immediately decided to go with the toothpick method because how small those thing are.

Let me tell you: DON’T EVER use the toothpick method. I managed to broke off the topmost
smd (closest to the back cover) next to the down button. Surprisingly the watch was still working
after this. (at least it seemed to).

So after this I had to go back to the soldering method. You will need steady hands and at least some
magnifying glass or very sharp eyes.

After soldering finished, I put everything back together just to realize that the backlight and the charging led
light are stopped working. So now I have working buttons and broken led lights.

Also… I had to take off the back cover several times now, because the contacts are randomly not contacting
sometimes causing the charging not working at all or all of the buttons not working. These are resolved by slightly moving the
whole frame a bit or putting some soft material on top of where the pcb has the contacts with the board itself.

But I could not manage to make the backlight and charging light work again. Anyone have some ideas what could cause this?
I mean yeah, I broke off that smd, but it seemed
that all of the buttons have 3 smds next to it, so I’m thinking it is only for the buttons and the
buttons are working now. Am I wrong here?


Thank you so much @Denis_Amiton!!! Thanks to your explanation, I was able to fix the buttons.
One wire as shown was enough to repair the top and middle button.

ONE IMPORTANT EXTRA STEP: the soldering point at the largest red arrow is covered under an orange plastic sheet, so you can’t solder on top of that; I peeled back and cut away enough of the plastic to reveal the SILVER soldering point.
(Maybe you made a tiny hole through the plastic, or maybe in your case there was already a hole)


I fixed my screen tear issue. Only had two buttons working, the back button and the down button and select button was intermittent. I took the entire watch out of the case to try to install the ground wire.I Did not do the repair because my soldering iron is not small enough. I put the watch back together but now I have no buttons working and no charge LED. I need some help with this. Any one repair these in the U.S.?


Your issue probably is that the part (shown on the picture in red rectangle) is a bit loose on these Pebble Steels. I don’t know why they did that but it seems that the connector under that black ‘sponge’ is not connected to the board rather it just pushed onto it when the back cover is put back on. So when you open it up and put it back again the connector probably won’t connect all the pins properly.

What I did is pressed it firmly to the board until I heard bit of a ‘click’ so I knew that the connector was indeed connected to the board itself and with that the back cover is not needed to push it on.


Hi Dexter. Thank you. I will try that…


Hi Dexter
Where do I push. In top of the rubber square? Do I push straight down or push towards the edge of the case? Watch comes up for a fee seconds, shows electrical symbol and plug, so now its not seeing the battery.