Watch buttons not working


There is one dangerous method.
You can use something like a wood toothpick for example
You need to press the wire with it.
But there are a lot of small electronic parts in this corner
You need to do it very carefully.


Thank you for posting this! I have access to small soldering tools at a local makerspace so will give this a repair a shot. I already opened my Pebble Steel to add padding for the screen corruption issue.


question, so just using 1 wire to the points you have stated on your example… will it fix all the buttons?


but if you have more than one broken wires you need to do it in every places.


Works on mine too!!!


On my Steel the middle button is not working properly. I have to open the watch to fix the screen tear, anyway. I want to try the solution of Denis_Amiton. Do I have to connect the cable to the middle button or will the shown connection fix all button issues?


thanks dennis, did i understand correctly that the RED line is supposed to be connected together?

I see that the button has 4 legs so i assume 2 are negative and 2 are positive?


You are absolutly correct )


Thanks got it. I know this is a stupid question but how did you know which among the two negative terminals you need to wire to the ground?

Multitester? Or could you just pick one of the two and solder away? Or the bottom one (nearest the ground dot) is always the solder point?

I bought a precision tool to open it… i was damn surprised how SMALL this is.


Hello, all legs on the side nearest to the screen have a common contact.
If you have multitester, you can check this. and all these legs have a common contact to the ground dot.
Usually you need only one wire to fix this problem. you need to solder S2 button (UP button) leg with the ground dot.
Because usually we have the broken line between the S2 button and the ground dot.
But if you have another broken line you will need to solder another leg too.
And you are right, it’s very very small :slight_smile:
if you don’t understand my answer please rephrase your question. my english a bit weak :slight_smile:


Denis, thanks for the post, this seemed to help my watch also!


understood. thanks denis. im creating instructions and will probably just get someone with the right tools to do it since my soldering iron has a thick tip and my hands are shaky.

ill just use the multitester too, to be sure.


Thanks a lot, Denis , for your very useful explanations. I used, as you said, a wood toothpick because I did not know how to get the watch from its watchcase. It works ! Now, how long will it last for ???


Hello everyone!

I would like to ask to:

If, after the repair, the watch still works fine.

What kind of materials (solder / soldering iron / wires) did you use?

Anything you suggest to attempt the repair?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, works fine. Standard soldering, noting special. You have to use smallest wire You can get. Found mine inside old analog board voltmeter. Good luck!


I also have the same problem, and I am convinced that it is a software issue, after wake up the buttons are fine in one!


Спасибо за рабочий метод! Восстановил работу своих часов благодаря Вам.


I tried the method with the soldered wire to the button, and now the watch is working fine!


Thanks! i will try soon. I already buyed Xiaomi AmazFit i waiting for arrive!


Thanks for the foto!!!