The successor to Pebble?


Sadly, my second Pebble Time Steel is no longer usable due to serious battery failure. It went from a full charge lasting 10 days to lasting just a few hours with no warning. Very disappointing as it was just over a year old. My first PTS lasted 6 months and then the charge went from lasting 10 days to 4 days. I was able to return that one and buy the replacement but I won’t be buying any further Pebbles as 2 with battery issues looks like a design/manufacturing flaw.

Initially I thought I’m done with smart watches as getting a replacement that needs a charge every one or two days is of no interest. But then I came across the Amazfit Bip. Although unable to control music and has no microphone, for everything else, it is better on paper. My main usage of the Pebble was for notifications and 10 days between charges. This appears to offer all of the notification functionality I want plus 30-45 days between charges!

Once I get it, I will post my full impressions on whether this is a good Pebble replacement, if anyone is interested.


Look at this thread:


I don’t want it because no responses to sms. That’s a problem for me.


I have had my PTS for over a year and a half and the battery is still fine so i’m not sure why you had issue’s like that it should have lasted longer.