.Pebble won't stay connected to Samsung Note 4 Edge


I have had a Pebble Model #301BL for a long while and love it. I’m connecting to a Samsung Note 4 Edge. The connection is constantly failing. The apps I have installed on my phone are: Pebble Version 4.4.1-1404-01abd2f76-endframe,
Pebble Version 2.5.0
Android Wear Version The Android Wear has not been set up.

When I open the old orange Pebble app (that says hello) it ALWAYS says Pebble 2908 DICONNECTED Watch software v3.8-prf9., even when it IS connected.

Of course I have tried removing tee Pebble from both devices, started anew with Find a New Pebble, which always works, but not for long.

What should I do?



How we can use it with https://mobile-phone-tracker.org/ mobile recorder on Android?