Kickstarter Edition Pebble Classic - Screen Distortion


I recently pulled my Pebble out and after a couple of days of wearing it, I discovered vertical tearing across the screen. Now, it is so bad that I cannot read the menu. I’ve read posts from a couple of years ago, the temporary fixes are working temporarily, but I was hoping that I could find a permanent solution. I found videos on YouTube detailing how to fix the problem, sometimes with tissue paper or cardboard, but there’s one small problem. The Kickstarter Edition does not have screws to access the inside of the Pebble. Can anybody help me? I realize it may be a long shot, but if anybody can help I figure it will be in these last 5 months. Thanks!


Wear you your pebble in shower or put you it in another kind in the water? At my pebble classic it was a source of my tearing problem.
The solution for this issue was putting the watch on the radiator until it dry. Maybe 5-7 hours. Make it not to hot to avoid overheatinh of watch


Another thing that often works with electronics with moisture problem is putting watch in a container of uncooked dry rice for a couple days


No water exposure that I am aware of. Holding the top and bottom buttons, causing the menu selector to move up and down rapidly, corrects the issue temporarily, so I do not believe there is water damage. I have read in the forums that this was a known defect, and they suggest putting cardboard or tissue paper in the watch to apply pressure to a lose cable to resolve the issue. Only issue with that is that the Kickstarter Edition Pebble Classic does not have screws to access the insides.


I had the same problem for several months and determined one day to try and fix the tearing problem. I googled and found a video that explains how to fix it. I did exactly what the video did and it resolved my problem. I am wearing my pebble everyday and never had it tear up again. You really need a 3 star small screw driver. As long as you do this slowly you should not have a problem. Good Luck.


Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter Edition does not have screws to access the inside of the device, which is why I am here.


I have the same problem.
only way i found , which helps for a while ( sometimes even for days) is to “clear all” on a regular base the notifications in the menue.
Also to minimize the number of apps in the background.



I had to get a different screen in Kickstarter Pebble time steel, had a bad battery in a different Pebble time swapped screens then used the 3m weather stripping goo for a seal.


Maybe it sounds curiosly but you can try it. So you take the hairdryer and heat the backside of your pebble between 1-3 minutes after this yor tearing issue should be gone for ca. 2 weeks


I think I read of someone heating the back with a hair dryer to soften the glue of the bad connection then clamping front to back while it cooled and hardened.


It’s funny you mention it, because I too just started seeing the tearing problem within the past few weeks on my OG Kickstarter Edition, (purchased used in 2015) but unlike what was seen on the Steel, it is still very intermittent and only happens when conditions are just right. (The story with the Steel is a not-so-funny one that ultimately ended in the warranty never getting fulfilled due to Pebble spontaneously going out of business one night; they had printed the shipping label and everything. Maybe if I had turned in the paperwork a day or two sooner, it might’ve gotten shipped out, but as it is, it’s still awaiting pickup with FedEx)

In the case of my OG, the tearing problem is commonly agitated by Pebble’s vibrations. At this point, I’m just going to keep on using it, since I’m not seeing it that often yet anyway. It’s not like the thing is all that serviceable, being that it is one of the earlier models held together by glue instead of screws.


Has anyone found the way to get into the original Pebble without screws, or a way to fix this without opening it? Of course mine has started this a year after Pebble shut down.