Is it still relevant to get a pebble?


hello, i was interested in possibly picking up 2 pebble watches, granted a pebble or pebble 2 i have not yet decided. i want a cheap watch and these can be had for dirt cheap now days as im a auto mechanic and i want a watch that i can replace for cheap if it gets a huge scratch on the screen so the pebble fits perfectly! HOWEVER!

Support is ending for the pebble and i was wondering if its still relevant to even get one…what is going to happen to this watch once they shut the servers down? i dont want to buy one if in 2 months they get shut down and were left with watches that cant do anything.

I only really care about 2 things in this watch…viewing text messages and seeing whos calling. not interested in heart rate or fitness bull crap…im a mechanic i dont give 2 poops about my fitness or health i intake more chemicals from working on vehicles every day ffs…


Here on the forum is many threads about using pebble wihout server support. Use the search function.

Regarding resists against chemicals I would to look direction steel models. imho


Pebble watches will continue to display text messages and show who’s calling even after the Pebble servers are down.