Fitbit ionic anyone?


Pricey though

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Just posted about this. It is beyond ugly


+1 It is ugly.


Ugly and useless as smartwatch. Only sports person can be interested I think


And look! It’s water “resistant”. Pebble was pretty much water proof wasn’t it?


Not so negative. It has an SDK which allows developers to create great apps, games and watchfaces using JavaScript. And no, it’s not a Pebble. Then again, Pebble was, and still is, a very unique concept.


Looks like “another one of many”: a watch without a permanent time display, without interaction. $300 to play “great games” on it? No, thanks.


I don’t want to be automatically negative. Seems like a generally good product but I don’t know why anyone would go with this instead of an Apple Watch at that price. Of course, I’m an Apple guy, so maybe it would appeal to android users. It’s definitely not designed to hit that Pebble spot (affordable and attractive smart watch with notifications).


Battery life is the key factor for me not going to Apple Watch. I want something that I don’t have to charge daily … preferably no more than twice a week.


Ok - I didn’t read this thread before doing it, but I’ve done it, I put down my Pebble Time Steel that I’ve enjoyed for some time, (I had an original Pebble before that) this week and bought an Ionic. Note, I’m an Android User, I have a Pixel 2 and I’m not switching right now, but I came to the Pixel from an Iphone SE. So far not so bad for the Ionic ( as opposed to so far so good). Despite this, I think I’m sticking with the Ionic. Here’s my thoughts:

It’s not actually that ugly. Most reviews on yotube I see made me think woah - so plasticy, so wide!! But then most reviewers say in reality it’s not that bad just the camera. Guess what, in reality it’s not that bad!! :slight_smile: It’s not plasticy at all - weird, must be the finish comes off bad on cameras. I bought the smoke grey one and a smoke grey strap off amazon, looks pretty good:

What it does well:

  • Battery life, this surprised me. On day one - it pretty much killed the pixel battery, but I have turned off Always connected, constant Sync, keep widget on etc in the fitbit app and this has really calmed things down. I also swapped out the default watchface for one which shows me date, time and steps instead of heartbeat and activity status. Now my Pixel2 is on two days typical life usage and after four days the Ionic is on 55%. I am using ‘Automate’ on my phone to launch the Fitbit app every hour to create an automated sync from ionic to phone. The sync is only necessary to push steps and exercise data etc from the watch to phone, so most importantly it doesn’t stop notifications coming from the phone to the watch immediately as they arrive.

  • Notifications - they all work (eventually). On day one I had to let EVERYTHING update on the watch, but then finally it’s all working as I wanted. Whatsapp, hangouts, text messaging, phone calls, et, etcc. They’ve borrowed from the Pebble on this one, in the phone app you basically tick next to the phone apps you want to recieve notifications for. As long as you’ve enabled that app to send notifications on the phone (even if atleast silently) then they get routed to the Ionic - i.e. as long as the app pops a notifcation on the phone screen.

  • Steps, it records them, 'nough said, no surprise

  • Touch screen, didn’t really want this as it could be a battery killer, never noticed it’s absence on the Pebble. However, in fact isn’t a battery killer at all and you actually get used to it, the screen is pretty clear and legible too, I have auto brightness etc on

  • Sleep, it records it well and gives you an additional breakdown including REM

  • Auto exercise detection - for typical stuff like walking, running, swimming etc, if you’re into that kind of stuff (as long as the exercise is minimum 10 mins in duration)

  • It’s slim, less bulky than the pebble time steel and isn’t as wide as it seems on youtube, pics etc

  • Music Control - you can control music apps from the watch, just like the Pebble. However, for some reason it’s not detecting the name of songs etc on the watch even though the Pebble Time Steel was fine. It lets you store music directly on the watch too if you want, I can’t be bothered …

What the Pebble did much better or is missing from the Ionic:

  • Loads more apps, I see some Pebble apps have moved across, but I guess it needs time (and people to believe in Fitbit) before this happens. I guess the Ionic isn’t the FINAL answer, but hopefully the Ionic range (if there is one) is a start? But will Fitbit even bother if no one even bothers to write any apps or try the Ionic?

  • Notifications - you can’t dismiss them from the Ionic to the phone, i.e. they stay unread on the phone when you’ve read them on the Ionic. I’ve just raised a feature request on this with Fitbit, because you can’t dismiss it sometimes there is confusion when new chats come through on whatsapp. The Ionic sometimes only shows you the first chat which you didn’t directly dismiss or mark as read on the phone. Also, you can’t reply in any way to a message, even with pre-built replies - I’m happy to live with this …

  • Shake to view screen - The Ionic screen is always off. When you lift your wrist to look at it, it senses that specific action and turns the screen on after a short pause (most times …) For me it personally doesn’t work all the time and it’s kinda annoying - I have to press the equiv of the pebble back button (the one on the left) or tap the screen twice to wake it up. I wish I could shake it to wake the screen

So - why am I keeping it? For the bad stuff, well I remember what little my first Pebble did, it didn’t even support Pebble Health, only the newer pebbles supported it. Basically, things take time, the fact Fitbit have even bothered to port SOME Pebble features is a start, and I’m hoping they don’t stop because no one beleives in the watch.

Therefore, perhaps naiveley, I’m hoping there will be firmware update(s) later this year that slowly adds more and more of the Pebble features we’re used to, but at the same time I like the fact it has a long battery life, plus heartbeat, gps, wifi and other stuff that we would never get on the Pebble. It’s not perfect, but it ticks enough of the boxes I wanted I’m happy to live with some of the bad stuff in the meantime.

Anyway, hope above was useful for any other Pebblers’ considering switching.