Can't open pbl file in Android


I’m using Nexus 5x and Pebble Time and download Pebble Time App (3.9.0-964-ebe106c) in Play, I want to add Chinese support to my Pebble Time (3.9.1), so I download the pbl file from
but when I open the pbl file on Android (6.0.1), it only has options like open with Chrome, HTML Viewer, Docs and Send to Friends, but not open with Pebble Time.

Anyone encountered similar issue?


Yes, I have the same problem.
I’m new in Pebble, but yesterday I install pbl file to my wife (using OnePlus One) and without problem.
Now, with my Honor 8 phone, I’m asked for app in which I would like to open this file.

Did you find any solution?
Thanks for your help


And, suddenly have solution - just use another file manager to open file - f.e. TotalCommander…

So easy… :slight_smile:


Please download files manager app and open pbl file, like ES,astro,ect.
I am install pbl file via ES to pebble app Now.