Best replacement



I am thinking of selling my Pebble Time Round 20mm but only if I can replace it for something really nice. I don’t have any criteria just for it to be under £100 (about). I have seen the Amazfit Bip but I am wondering if there are any other options or if that is a great replacement.



I would recommend Martian mVoice G2. It’s not out yet…they were on kick-starter and now have pre-orders available. I registered for a pre-order.
I have owned a passport in the past, was pretty good for what it was designed to do…I have higher hopes for this device, and it looks pretty good. True, the functionality of the pebble isn’t there, but it appears to be better than the other options I have tried. My focus is battery life, notifications and some health tracking and a good looking time piece.
Everyone is different - so it may not work for everyone.


I switched from the Pebble Time Round to the ASUS ZenWatch 3 and am quite happy with it. It is a very attractive looking steel watch with three buttons and is not too thick (the PTR is 7.6mm and the ZW3 is 10.8mm). I had first looked at the TicWatch e, but could not warm to the cheap looking plastic appearance and the very thick casing (13mm).

The battery life is similar to the PTR, yet with a much larger full colour screen. It uses Android Wear 2 and that means you have a wide range of apps and watchfaces to choose from.
Like the PTR, it does not have built-in GPS (uses phone’s GPS) or heart rate monitor, yet does have high speed charging. Fully charges from empty in an hour and that lasts me the full day. I just charge it overnight.
It is larger than the PTR, but so is the screen. I found the PTR screen to be a little too small where small text was hard to read. The ZW3 is much better. In bright sunlight, it is still readable when the screen is fully on (always-on is too dim in that case) - not as good as the e-Ink of the PTR in bright sunlight. But I spend most of the day indoors and there, the ZW3 is excellent.
I managed to get mine on Amazon for 145 Euros during a Christmas special offer. Well worth the price.
i have basically already stopped using my PTR in favour of the ZW3 and am no longer looking back.


I’m hoping this comes soon. Seems like almost exactly what I’ve wanted if the price is right. It might be just right for lots of Pebble fans.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I might hold on and see if the Fitbit comes out before I make a decision.