Are Timeline Notifications gone?


Hi all,

for some time now, I often don’t get notified of my timeline events anymore. When connected to my phone, my Pebble (Time Round) “mirrors” the event notifications that my phone is displaying. However, these notifications cannot be snoozed. They can only be dismissed.

When not connected to my phone, I don’t get any notifcations at all. My timeline is correctly synced and I see all my events when scrolling down.

IMPORTANT: I am using Gadgetbridge ( to connect to my watch. Could this be the reason? I guess not, because my problem appears when the watch is NOT connected. But I may be wrong on that.

Any help appreciated!


There is two kinds of timeline events afaik.
Kalender which working local and another witch need a server from pebble.
Which one you miss?
Another thing is app Notification Centre. Idk but maybe you should try it. And android wear



thanks for the reply!

I’m missing the calendar events. (Not other types like e.g. sunrise/sunset).
In the past, I got a “native” pebble reminder for calendar events which I was able to “snooze”.

I have just installed Android Wear, but that didn’t bring any improvement.

Any other ideas?

Thanks again,

p.s.: I will try Notification Center… but that requires a companion app… doesn’t that mean the phone has to be connected for the improved reminders to show up?


In case somebody reads this or has a similar problem: Once I switched back from Gadgetbridge to the orignial Pebble App on my Android Phone, I immediately started getting native, “snoozable” notifications on my Pebble again, even when not connected.