Amazfit BIP with 45 days of battery. $99.99


Record-breaking battery life: Up to 30 days with regular use and up to 45 days with minimal notifications.
Super light weight: Comfortable to wear every day, for sport and sleep tracking.
Notifications: Receive notifications for calls, messages, emails, and other apps on the always-on color touch display.
Multisport tracking: Track your runs, cycling and more with mapped routes, detailed stats and heart rate zones.
Latest technology: GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor, barometer and compass.
Always-on display: the reflective touch screen provides at-a-glance view for time, date, steps, weather, sports stats etc.

The successor to Pebble?

Any thirs party software?
Custom watchfaces?


(1) no.
(2) yes. see


Not bed
Btw I heard that it for about 60$ directly in China availably. Just google


Yes, almost perfect, just missing timeline, and what my old g-shock can do (timer, stopwatch).

But since Amazfit was made in China, I wonder whether we are able to obtain weather information from any sources we desired (e.g. open weather map, WU, Yahoo, etc.), as these sources are forbidden in China.

In China it’s a crime for distributing inofficial weather information.


This watch was mentioned before a couple of times I think. Finally came around to ordering one off of First time ordering from there–hope it works out.

It’s definitely coming from China and will likely take 1-2 months.

I ordered the English version for about $60 USD. I think that I may have to do a firmware update or update of some kind to change it from Chinese to English (from what I was reading on the seller’s store).


So can you reply to SMS?


it has a touch screen, I bet you can do replies.


I use it for one week now. It is not customizable like pebble, You can only change watchfaces, but without any options.
You cannot reply to messages, I cant even get info who is calling, have to try some other software…
There is international and chinese version ($50 and $60). You can put modified firmware to have english on chinese, but You have to do it every update.
Watch is glued, so if You need to change battery, You have to use special tool like for phones nowadays.

So generally it is not customizable as pebble and I cant see any alternative firmware which could give new functions.


I got the English version from here for $55 (now $60):

It doesn’t do everything the Pebble does but the battery life is amazing. I bought mine in November and just had to recharge it last week.


Looks a good replacement for my Pebble.
I found this video that shows hot to load other watchfaces.


No always-on screen = not an adequate Pebble replacement.


It has always-on display as stated above.

Don’t know what always-on display is good for unless your hang a smartwatch in front of you.


After PTS, it will be hard to find replacement that is as nice. I love the stainless steel case of the PTS. What is case of Amazfit BIP like? Is it cheap and plasticky? Do they make both plastic and stainless steel watches?

Also, how is software and vibration strength? I ask this because I bought a MyKronoz ZeTime watch, which has an extremely nice heavy metal build quality, but suffers from almost non-existent vibrations, and very immature software side.


Hmmm… Maybe when Pebbles are shut down completely but, with a retail of $99, it’s cheap and cheap looking.

Sigh…30-45 day battery life ? tempting. Found it for $68 in English… Hmmm… after a few reviews it seems exactly like it’s cost, cheap… Might have to hold tight on this one

We need a nicer watch with 2 or so weeks of battery and that would be acceptable…


Is this device related to Pebble in some way? I’m not complaining, just curious.


Not at all.


The Amazefit Pace looks better quality and looks much better but costs more that the Bip.


Amazfit Pace has not the amazing battery life the Amazfit Bip has. Features are more or less the same.


It’s a bit on the big side too