News & Events

This category will be used for any Pebble related news and events, such as: SDK & Firmware releases, mobile app releases, blog posts, announcements, Meetups and more.

General Discussion

This category is for general Pebble discussion. Please use other categories for support or development related discussions.


The support category is for community members to help each other with Pebble related issues. It is not an official support channel, so please do not post personal information.

Support Wiki

This purpose of this category is to create an editable wiki to help users with problems they are experiencing with their Pebble smartwatch, Pebble phone app, or one of Pebble's native apps or features. The intention is to make this section a community replacement for


Find all the latest and greatest watchapps, watchfaces, straps and accessories for your Pebble!


For all discussions relating to Pebble development. Please assign tags to your topics indicating the specific area in question.


A community board for buying and selling Pebble-related items and accessories. Crowdfunding projects related to hardware, tech, design, geekery, or wearables are also welcome to promote themselves here.

The Ballpit

A place for non-Pebble banter, links, articles of interest, humour or anything else which doesn't fit into the other categories. Please keep it clean and safe for work.